Why I Chose This Logo & Tag Line


The Land Of Respect

I chose this logo because, in the whole world there are only two countries famous for 'Cock-Fighiting'... One is Thailand, and the other is INDIA. In India, Bhimvaram is the most famous town for 'Cock-Fighiting'

Every year 'Cock-Fighiting' takes place during the festival of kites, 'Sankranthi' famously known as 'Pongal', this event is celebrated very grandly... Many people travel long distances to watch this event as it takes place only once every year.

This is a tradition being followed by the people of "Andhrapradesh'. During this event people spend about Rs.300 Crores on betting.

These fights and bettings is highly opposed by the A.P. Police, where as the politicians support & participate in this event openly.

Bhimavaram is a cosmopolitan town situated in the West Godavari District in the state of AndhraPradesh, in India.

Why I have given the tagline "The Land Of Respect" is because, if you ask anyone for some address... they don't just tell you where the place is situated, the take you there. Even strangers are treated very cordially.

I remember even now... if someone used to go to someone's house over there and asked for water, they served them not just water, but Buttermilk too... I don't know if it happens today, though.People always keep celebrating over there, sometimes for no reason at all, so that's the reason for theie celebrations.

People over there live very respectfully and cordially, the crime rate over there is very less too.

If you don't believe what I am saying, you can go there and see for yourself.